30 Oct 2010

Cheap Ebooks - look no further

If you're looking for cheap ebooks, check out http://bargainebooks.blogspot.com. The site features ebooks that are priced under $5.00 and a new books posts every 24 hours.
Authors are welcome to submit books to be included, and readers are welcome to recommend cheap finds. It doesn't matter if a book is traditionally or independently published.
The site is the brainchild of Holly A. Hook, herself an author of young adult fantasy books.
Her first Kindle book, Tempest, is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and is the first book in the Destroyers series.
You can find lots of great reads on the site so pop over and take a look.

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25 Oct 2010

This Last Summer now available in all ebook formats

Like the title says - This Last Summer is now available for download from Smashwords in whatever format you use, price just 99c.
It's still available as Amazon too, so choose your format and go for it!

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17 Oct 2010

This Last Summer Available on Amazon Kindle

My Novel, This Last Summer, is now available on Amazon for Kindle. It's women's contemporary fiction, featuring a young TV reporter, Madeleine Chambers. Keeping an office romance secret in a newsroom full of the treacherous and the lecherous isn't easy and local TV reporter Maddie Chamber's life is about to get even more complicated. While out filming she stumbles across a family bombshell - her long lost mother, whose reappearance is set to wreak havoc on her father and autistic brother. Then an even more shocking discovery - her mother doesn't have long to live.
Set in the south-east of England and the sunflower fields of France, This Last Summer has been described by readers as, "An extremely sensitive piece of writing. A joy to read." and "An intelligent, fascinating story. You skillfully captured my attention, and then my heart. Relatable characters. Artful writing"
If you'd like to find out for yourself and can spare 71p/99c (after the first two weeks this will rise to $2.99 and the converted UK price) then you can:
Find it here on Amazon.co.uk 
or for those not in the UK, you can find it here on Amazon.com. There's a sample to download to whet you appetite. Do let me know what you think.
If you don't own a kindle, you can download Kindle apps for free for PC, ipad, iphone and android.
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10 Oct 2010

Hazard River Series - Great Children's Books

The author of the Australian-based Hazard River Series is an old friend of mine. In our younger years as girls-about-town, we shared many a fab evening and a few mad holidays together. She now lives back in her native Australia with her family and has just published the books which will hopefully soon be available on Amazon and are already available in Australian bookshops. See below for more details!

New series from Ford Street Publishing


The series
Hazard River is a new adventure series from Ford Street Publishing for readers aged eight to ten. The emphasis in the series is on fun and action, but each story has an environmental theme. It offers young readers a message without lecturing. The first two stories in the series, Shark Frenzy! and Snake Surprise! will be out in October. They will be followed in March by Bat Attack! and Tiger Terror!

The stories
Shark Frenzy! : Jack Wilde and his friends are on holidays at Hazard River when they discover a dead shark washed up on the sand. It has no fins. Is it the work of a monster shark… a giant squid … or pirates? The gang decides to investigate. But finding out what killed the shark lands the kids in a whole lot more trouble than they ever imagined.

Snake Surprise!: It’s a boring wet day on Hazard River until Jack Wilde and his friends find a note on an abandoned boat.  The message is damaged but they can all read the words HELP ME. The gang must find out who needs help and why. But as they get closer to the answer, will they be the ones who need help?

The selling points 
  • Well-targeted humour
  • Attractive covers by Deltora Quest illustrator, Marc McBride
  • Fast-paced and easy reads even for reluctant readers
  • Issues dealing with endangered species without being didactic
  • Local author willing to do signings, interviews, blogs
  • Bookmarks and stickers available (while stocks last) 
  • The Hazard River series is adventure, fun and unputdownable action – a page turner from start to finish.

“I love the characters, they are fun and believable, the adventure is perfect for this age group and the story keeps you interested all the way until the end.  A good choice for tweens, and even the reluctant readers could be turned with this one.  It flows well and with plenty of humour and action it is sure to impress. I would definitely recommend this book, and indeed this series.” Bug in a Book 

The author
J.E. Fison is a television reporter turned children’s author. Her work has been short-listed for the Raspberry and Vine Short Story Competition and was long-listed for The Times (London) Children’s Fiction Competition 2009. Prior to writing the Hazard River series, she spent 20 years in news and features in Australia, Asia and the UK. Julie was a television news reporter and anchor for Asia Television in Hong Kong and a producer in London for Worldwide Television News. More recently she has written travel stories for The Australian and Australian Traveller and businesses pieces for The Australian Financial Review. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two sons and spends as much time as possible on the Noosa River, the inspiration for the Hazard River series. 

PO Box 2335. Ascot QLD 4007 E: julie@thefisons.net T: 0437 230566

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8 Oct 2010

Impeding Justice - Mel Comley

My friend, Mel Comley has just published her fantastic crime novel, Impeding Justice, on Amazon Kindle. Here's the blurb:
Underworld criminal The Unicorn cruelly destroys lives. His businesses dealings involve people trafficking, extortion and terrorism. His victims are those who insist on standing in his way.
Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins fears if she doesn't bring the Unicorn to justice soon he'll punish her.
After leading Lorne and her partner into a trap in which Pete is killed, the Unicorn ups his game further still by kidnapping the DI's daughter.
Can Lorne rescue her teenage daughter and overcome life threatening situations to bring the Unicorn down?

Mel's book earned a gold star on the Authonomy site with the review from a Harper Collins editor saying "The opening grabs the reader's attention and feels like a well-plotted page-turning read.
All the raw materials for a really gripping story are here..."
 Download it for Kindle here
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