20 Nov 2010

Great Photographer - Keep him in mind

Got the kids' school photos back the other week. Grim is not the word. One looked like he was about to kill himself, the other was mid-sentence when his photo was taken. So I didn't buy them. But that left me without photos to send to relatives at Christmas. What to do?
I suddenly remembered that the Dad of one of my children's former schoolmates was a photographer, Grant Pritchard, so I got in touch and today he came over and took some shot of the boys and also of me for publicity for my book,This Last Summer.
Even though I've only seen them only on the camera screen, I can already see they're looking good and I can;t wait to get the CD next week. However I wanted to tell you about Grant's website in case anyone needs a good photographer for any reason. Have a look at his work at http://www.grantpritchard.co.uk and give him a call or pass it on to your friends. Will put up my pix when I get them!
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13 Nov 2010

This Last Summer moving up Amazon charts

This Last Summer has gone up to number 11 in Women's popular fiction chart on Amazon! Get yours at £1.45 from here on Amazon.co.uk or on here on Amazon.com. 
The blurb:
Who said working in TV was glamorous? It’s shocking - and it can break your heart...
It's not easy keeping an office romance secret in a newsroom full of the treacherous and the lecherous and local TV reporter Maddie Chamber's life is about to get even more complicated.
While out filming she stumbles across a family bombshell - her long lost mother, whose reappearance is set to wreak havoc on her father and autistic brother. Then there's an even more shocking discovery that threatens to pull the family apart.
Set in the south of England and the sunflower fields of France, travel with Maddie Chambers on her emotional journey in This Last Summer.
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9 Nov 2010

So who is Madeleine Chambers?

Madeleine Rebecca Chambers is a twenty-something television journalist whose dream was always to be a reporter.

She worked hard at college, did a post graduate in broadcast journalism and ended up at a local radio station where she learned how to make even the dullest items news-worthy.

Fast forward a couple of years and Maddie is hired by NewsNet South, a local TV news programme, as their most junior reporter. She’s been there, finding her feet ever since, despite having a producer who wants to see her fail and trying to resist the advances of a handsome colleague.

Maddie lives in a flat in Guildford and regularly visits her father, brother and Grandma, usually for free meals. Her brother, Ben, has Asperger Syndrome but is ferociously clever and is constantly battling against people’s misconceptions of what a young man with AS is actually like.

But where is Maddie’s mother in all this? She walked out on the family long ago but as you will find out, that’s not the last they’re to see of her...

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8 Nov 2010

Local author publishes ebook on Amazon

FARNHAM, SURREY Nov 8th 2010: Farnham-based author, Tania Tirraoro, has published her first novel, entitled “This Last Summer” as an ebook, available on Amazon Kindle and the multi-format ebook seller, Smashwords.
The women’s fiction book is mainly set in Surrey and Hampshire, featuring a young local TV reporter, Maddie Chambers, who is struggling to make her way in a newsroom full of the treacherous and the lecherous.
While out covering a story one day, she makes a discovery that sends shockwaves through her family – the reappearance of her long lost mother. Her father, grandmother and autistic brother all have a different reaction as they struggle to come to terms with the news. Maddie’s life is made more complicated by a secret office romance and the realisation that all is far from well with her mother.
Tania Tirraoro previously worked for Meridian Television as a journalist and the updated research for the novel was done at Meridian’s south coast headquarters.
She now works as a press officer for Hampshire Farmers’ Markets and several health charities, as well as raising her two sons who have Asperger Syndrome.
Tania Tirraoro said, “The new world of digital publishing is fantastic news for authors who can now bring their work to market much more easily. I think with Amazon’s Kindle and other e-readers, ebooks are really starting to take off and I expect they’ll be on many people’s Christmas wish list”
She is currently completing her second novel, a romance, which she hopes will be out in 2011.
Tania has a website at www.tirraoro.com, a blog at http://notasadvertised.blogspot.com and a site helping parents with SEN at www.specialneedsjungle.co.uk.
For those who haven’t gone digital, a paperback version of This Last Summer will be be available early next year.
Editor’s Notes:
1. Find This Last Summer on Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004774N6E
and Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/27911

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