20 Aug 2019

Getting stronger with EMSCULPT, the no-pain, muscle-building, fat-loss medical device*

*In collaboration with S-Thetics, Beaconsfield.
Getting stronger with Emsculpt

My husband is super-fit, works out most days with weights and the odd run. But although I have a chronic pain condition, I've recently done far more sit-ups in half an hour than he - or anyone - could ever dream of. Twenty-thousand to be precise.

While I let that sink in, I’ll admit, it wasn’t under my own steam. I've used medical technology for my abdominal muscles to benefit from the physical effects of the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups and without actually moving myself.

Intrigued? Who wouldn't be?

Lack of body strength

In recent years I’ve found myself with a bit of a problem. I have a structural weakness in my back thanks to Ehlers Danlos syndrome, but repeated abdominal surgeries have decimated my stomach muscles, leaving me with a dangerously weak upper body.

The result has been regular episodes of my back giving way, with my weak abs leaving me crawling on the floor, unable to hold myself up. One recent, memorable incident meant my husband and son had to roll me, shrieking, onto a large drawing board to carry me to bed.

Something had to change - but my EDS and PoTS preclude me from doing sufficient - or really any - exercise. Even standing up still for long can be a challenge.

Then I came across something that changed my life.

Magical muscle machine

The answer was EMSCULPT. This miracle medical device makes you not only stronger but also slimmer in just four sessions of half-an-hour each. I was introduced to it by Miss Sherina Balaratnam at her multi-award-winning medical aesthetics clinic, S-Thetics, in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

I'm a huge fan of S-Thetics and have had a number of beneficial and life-enhancing treatments there previously.

This video I've put together explains what it’s done for me - and could do for you.

*I received this particular session of EMSCULPT courtesy of S-Thetics Clinic.