18 Sept 2018

A sharper look with EndyMed's V-shaped facial treatment

EndyMed V-shaped

The paradigm of the older 'invisible' woman has now been demolished, as business leaders, movie stars, musicians and supermodels are showing the world that vitality, relevance and beauty do not end at 40, 50 or above.

We may tell ourselves that for people like Kylie (Minogue), Nicole, Sandra, Cindy, Sharon, Meryl, etc, looking good is part of their job. But whatever your lifestyle, time constraints or bank balance, taking care of yourself should be taken seriously, whatever your age.

In the last few years since I've been living with chronic pain, I've tried to help myself by taking up meditation, giving up eating meat, drinking more water and stepping up my skincare. None of it takes too long and, for me, looking my best gives me an 'armour' to face the world. It also plays a vital role in supporting my mental health.

The life experience that comes with being older is something to be cherished. But I've discovered you don’t need to resort to drastic measures if you feel you the mirror isn’t reflecting back how you still feel inside. There are new, non-invasive, clinical facial treatments that you can have in your lunch-hour. I think of them as a 'facial plus'.

I’ve written about EndyMed 3DEEP before and how it restores the skin's elasticity that the young take for granted. Now there’s another tool in the EndyMed kit – a V-shaped head that is specifically for the jawline – it’s the enemy of emerging jowls and the secret weapon of many mature celebrities of both genders (note, it's not suitable for everyone - you'll need a consultation first).

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to Miss Sherina Balaratnam’s award-winning clinic in Beaconsfield to try it out. Here's the short video review I made about it...

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