20 Aug 2015

Why "good enough" may never ultimately, be good enough.

My sons are now both sixth-formers and thinking about (hopefully) where life might take them. As they have Asperger's, that path is unlikely to be traditional or smooth.
Thinking back to myself at a similar age, I was struggling to see the value in anything. I didn't even know who I was or what I might be capable of achieving

It's exam results season, AS last week for us and today, GCSE. Son2 has literally not slept all night. I have been searching for inspiration for them and this morning I have found some on Quora, the question and expert answer site.

I love Quora, I've said this before.

This particular answer to the question, "Why did Google create Alphabet" (Google's new holding company for innovative product creation) is so in line with my own beliefs of what I hope every young person, including my own sons, should realise before it's too late, that I wanted to share it.

It has thousands of Quora Upvotes, and so it should. It's long, but it's worth reading if you want to be inspired and truly understand why being "good enough" is never truly "good enough".

As a special needs mum, and someone living with chronic illness, I have often had to accept that 'good enough' really is the best I can do at that moment, which in fact, makes it also the best I could have hoped for. No point in feeling guilty about it. 

Even so, we should always strive to do our best- whatever that is - to help others and to wake up, "uncomfortably excited" about our plans. Go beyond your comfort zone; no one ever did anything memorable doing the same old thing they did yesterday, or the day before.

You don't have to be great, or become a billionaire (though that would be nice!). You DO have to think laterally, seek better solutions to every problem, innovate and think creatively. Never settle for easy. Wake up hungry for better, go to sleep knowing you did something towards that.

Some days, if you're like me, that might just be getting out of bed. I might not have been able to yesterday. I am, if nothing else, an optimist. 

But while you're striving, remember: Don't Be Evil. Don't exploit or take advantage of those weaker than you. Live your life for the service of others because ultimately, helping humanity into a better future is the best we can hope for.
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Here's the answer from Quora: 
Read James Altucher's answer to Why did Google create Alphabet? on Quora
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