2 Dec 2015

How to rejuvenate your skin in two easy steps

You may have seen my previous post about visiting the S-Thetics medical aesthetic clinic in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire when I sampled the delights of Allergan Juvéderm fillers. If not, take a look at the video I made demystifying and informing you about the procedure, which really made a difference not only to my 48 year old face but also to my confidence.

endymed image slate

*Scroll to the end to watch the short video

Surgeon, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, who owns the clinic, invited me to return to try out her Signature facial treatment, which consists of a session with a revolutionary non-invasive EndyMed™3DEEP® radiofrequency treatment.  That's followed by a luxurious Fire and Ice facial tratment that is described thus:

"Pioneered in Beverly Hills and coveted by A listers globally, this renowned intensive treatment is clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and designed to offer the ultimate results driven facial treatment.

The Fire & Ice treatment gives the skin a deep cleanse, leaving it with a beautiful glow. Your skin will feel plumper, smoother and more hydrated, leaving you ready to face the day! This treatment is ideal as a one-off skin rejuvenation treat, but for more intensive and long-lasting results, we recommend using once per week over a six week period."

How does the EndyMed™3DEEP® work?

The EndyMed™3DEEP® is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment, designed to stimulate collagen, combat loss of elasticity, wrinkles and impaired texture that, let's face it, are for most of us, part of life's little expectations when we are lucky enough to have made it thus far. But it doesn't have to be that way.

"Using radio frequency (RF) energy, EndyMed™3DEEP® safely heats the collagen in the skin making it contract, providing an immediate change in skin appearance.  The treatment also triggers a second process of new collagen production, stimulating your body’s natural collagen renewal process leading to skin tightening and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles."

You see, this is why those celebrities look so amazing for their age. It's not just good genes, it's great maintenance and luckily, it's not so expensive that it's completely out of reach if you are not famous.

Back at the S-Thetics clinic in Beaconsfield, Bucks, Sherina shows me the Endymed machine, which does indeed look very medical. Reassuringly so. The other factor that takes away any concern is the fact that Sherina is a highly experienced medical doctor and surgeon (hence the 'Miss' and not Dr).

Why did I go for it?

I had noticed in recent months, the skin of my lower jaw feeling a little thinner, less taut and more fragile. Almost certainly no one else would have noticed it, but it was just that the 'quality' of it I could feel had changed. So when Sherina offered me the chance to try out the treatment, I didn't hesitate, especially knowing I was in such good hands.

In any case, I'm not interested in pleasing anyone else - my husband loves me as I am - but I'm just not ready to see in the mirror a face that doesn't reflect how I feel inside. Living with a chronic pain condition can make you feel battered and old before your time, so for me, looking the best that I can helps keep my spirits up.

Back at S-Thetics

In the quiet sanctuary of the S-Thetics clinic, I lay on the treatment bed while Sherina began the EndyMed Facial Tightening treatment. The hand-held part of the EndyMed device reminded me a bit of an ultrasound and as Sherina applies it to the area being treated, my lower face, I could feel the heat penetrating through some contact gel into my skin. It wasn't unpleasant and it didn't hurt. The temperature is monitored and when I indicated, as instructed, that it was approaching the limit of comfort, Sherina knew that it had done its job.

The treatment was very quick, painless and you could have gone straight back to work if that's what you wanted to do. Of course I was just testing out one session, but a course of six is recommended for long lasting effects.

On to the Fire and Ice

The second part of the 'Signature treatment' is the Fire and Ice facial treatment. Most of us have had facials, but this one is a multi-step procedure that peels and resurfaces the skin with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, vitamin B3, retinol and potent antioxidants, including green tea extracts. That's the 'Fire' part but it didn't hurt in any way. I have very sensitive, allergy-prone skin and I was a bit nervous that I might have a reaction, but everything is based on natural, botanical ingredients and I was perfectly fine.

The Fire part is an intensive clinical treatment designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provide deep cleansing of blocked pores. 

The second 'Ice' stage is another masque application that is cool, soothing and intensively hydrating. It contains hyaluronic acid, often described as 'the fountain of youth',  Japanese green tea extracts, aloe vera gel, liquorice extracts, rosemary extracts and grape seed extracts. This second masque cools the initial resurfacing and is left on for about 5 minutes. 

After a final cleanse, a moisturising serum and a strong sunscreen are applied to the face because the treatment will leave your face susceptible to the sun for a short while afterwards. 

The Verdict

I'm often sceptical of facial treatments because I rarely feel any different afterwards apart from a bit lighter in the wallet area. But the S-Thetics Signature treatment honestly made a big difference to my middle-aged skin.
It immediately felt plumper and firmer and to me, it looked much brighter and less tired. 
But it was the EndyMed radiofrequency treatment that has made the lasting difference. The fragility I was feeling in my neck and lower jaw has disappeared along with any slight loss of elasticity I had noticed. Now it's back to what it was at least a decade ago. 
My neck especially has shown the benefits. The treatment has tightened all the collagen in my skin so that it's all back where it used to be and I am delighted! 

Ideally, I would have the full course of six treatments but even with just one, the effects have already lasted several months. I'm rather late with this review but in this case, it means I have had a chance to see how the treatment has lasted - and it really has nipped that first sign of sagging skin in the bud and I would recommend it to anyone my age or even younger (depending on how your skin is faring). 

It works just as well for older men and women too - possibly it would have even better results - and its benefits are not restricted to the face. It can treat sagging body areas as well including the abdomen, arms, breasts and bottom. It really is an amazing treatment and if I sound as if I'm raving, it's because it really is worthwhile having, to give you a confidence boost. 

It's true that for many mums, this kind of thing is a luxury we can't often afford, but when I work out how much I've saved by giving up alcohol for example, that would easily cover a treatment every so often. 

And of course, it's nearly Christmas, so if you're looking for a no-down-time treatment to give you that skip in your step for the festive season, look no further than S-Thetics Signature EndyMed™3DEEP® and a Fire and Ice facial.

Thank you once again to Miss Sherina Balaratnam of S-Thetics in Beaconsfield for her generosity (and her patience!) I cannot recommend her enough.