31 Jan 2011

Publishing Workshop - and my sales pass 300!

I'm feeling inspired. Just attended a publishing workshop run by Legend Press. The energetic young chap in charge of Legend, Tom Chalmers, brought together a panel of experts including Literary Agent, Darin Jewell of The Inspira Group and marketing guru Gareth Howard of Authoright
Cramped in a cave-like room on bum-solidifying chairs beneath the Phoenix Theatre, 75 aspiring writers gathered to hear how best to approach an agent, how to market your literary wares for best effect and why getting your work published will be a bloody hard slog.
My writer friend, Mel Comley, had come all the way from France to join me at the seminar and we both thought it was an informative session. There were two Commissioning Editors from major publishing houses on the panel as well so it was interesting to hear from both sides of the industry.
I've been a bit of a writing slacker lately but the workshop got me back in gear for the final edit of a romance novel I've been working on and I'm heartened to have passed 300 sales - 200 this month alone - of This Last Summer on Kindle. According to some figures, this makes the book a success. I can't quite think of myself as an author - it's easier just to be a jobbing PR/ general Mumsbody (like a dogsbody but not quite as high in the pecking order). However, if sales keep going like this, I may have to reassess!
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24 Jan 2011

Buy This Last Summer in Paperback!

You can now buy the paperback of This Last Summer for just £8.99 plus £1.50 UK postage. I have a limited amount of copies to sell direct and hopefully it should be available soon to buy from Amazon and Waterstones as well.
Just click on the paypal buy now button and it should take you through to the payment option.
For more information about the book, visit my website www.tirraoro.com
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