9 Nov 2010

So who is Madeleine Chambers?

Madeleine Rebecca Chambers is a twenty-something television journalist whose dream was always to be a reporter.

She worked hard at college, did a post graduate in broadcast journalism and ended up at a local radio station where she learned how to make even the dullest items news-worthy.

Fast forward a couple of years and Maddie is hired by NewsNet South, a local TV news programme, as their most junior reporter. She’s been there, finding her feet ever since, despite having a producer who wants to see her fail and trying to resist the advances of a handsome colleague.

Maddie lives in a flat in Guildford and regularly visits her father, brother and Grandma, usually for free meals. Her brother, Ben, has Asperger Syndrome but is ferociously clever and is constantly battling against people’s misconceptions of what a young man with AS is actually like.

But where is Maddie’s mother in all this? She walked out on the family long ago but as you will find out, that’s not the last they’re to see of her...

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