3 Apr 2016

Family Faces of #autism - Autism Awareness 2016

It's Autism Awareness Month 2016. I've made a little video slideshow of faces through the years of me and my boys, all of us with a diagnosis of autism. 

It also includes my mother, who once said she recognised the condition in herself and if you'd known my mum, that was something of a revelation of self-awareness. 

family faces of autism

The genetics of autism is being more researched every day and in my opinion, it is genetics, whether inherited or environmentally altered, where we will find the key to this condition.

Environmental triggers of many kinds are known to spark mutations in genes and potentially cause autism behaviours and other disabilities and this is something that must be investigated fully. We must look at how we live, the chemicals we use and invest instead in natural alternatives and clean technologies that inflict no damage to us or to the planet. This is the smart and the only way forward.

However, our civilisation would also be so much poorer without those people among us whose genetic make-up allows them to think in pictures, in 3D or to make seemingly random connections that lead to positive advances in our society.

For these people - and for anyone who is neurodiverse or disabled - it is our duty to change society so that everyone in included in the way they wish to be.

We must nurture a society of individuals whose needs are met holistically and compassionately. A society of people, whose individual talents - whatever they may be - are recognised, developed and supported for the good of humanity and to ensure we deserve this beautiful planet that we inhabit.

And now the bit where you go awww...

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