21 Feb 2011

Second novel launched as Ebook for author Mel Comley

21 February 2011, London: British Author, Mel Comley, has published her second novel, Final Justice, as an ebook.
Ms Comley's first novel, Impeding Justice, is currently still selling well in the Amazon thriller charts. Final Justice is a sequel, again featuring Lorne Simpkins, a feisty former policewoman with the Met.
Emotionally battered after a bruising encounter with notorious criminal Robert Baldwin, also known as The Unicorn, former DI Simpkins is reluctantly drafted into the continuing hunt for him.
She teams up with MI6 agent, Tony Warner, as they race through France to catch up with Baldwin, who continues his quest to become the world's richest man through criminal methods.
Mel Comley, who lives in Normandy, said, "In Final Justice we get to see more of Lorne's vulnerabilities as she battles with her demons. She doesn't want to be involved, but she's driven to continue her pursuit of the man who caused havoc with her family. I feel very close to Lorne and I'm pleased she's proved so popular in Impeding Justice. I hope readers will be just as happy with Final Justice."
As well as being an author, Mel Comley also writes a column on gardening in French ex-pat newsletter, N4Normandy Magazine
She is now working on a Lorne Simpkins prequel, Cruel Intent which will be released later this year.
Final Justice is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk in Kindle and  Smashwords in all ebook formats.