7 May 2012

Ask a silly question...

The other day I, somewhat foolishly, asked my husband what he liked the most about me.
I'm not sure why I asked, it was just an idle moment as we were sitting on our bed having a cup of tea. I was playing working on my iPad, he was probably fantasising about playing for Chelsea or something.
"Umm.." he said, thinking hard. "You're... very organised and you get things done."
"Oh," I said, a little surprised. "And what do you like most about your mother?"
"Well," he said, without hesitation. "She's kind and thoughtful and caring..." He trailed off as he saw the look on my face. It's true, by the way, his mother is all of those things. But 'organised'? That's the thing he likes the best about me?
I turned to face him. "So, your mother is kind and caring and thoughtful. And I'm 'organised'."
I could see from my husband's expression that it was slowly dawning on him he'd fallen into a hidden trap where lurked snakes and spiders and nasty things, all put in there by his, somewhat miffed, wife.
"Er... er.. that's not all I like about you, obviously..." he stuttered, wondering how he got into this mess.
In walks Son1 (14).
"Son1," I say. "What do you like most about me?"
"Well," he said, without hesitation. "You're kind and thoughtful and you do lots of stuff for me."
"Dad says that about Grandma," I said. "He said that he liked that I was 'organised'. I think he likes Grandma more than he likes me."
Son1 looks at his Dad and ruefully shakes his head at his father's schoolboy mistake. "That's not very nice. But then, Mum, wouldn't you like me to like you more than I like my wife?"
I considered this for a moment. "I suppose so, yes."
Then Son1 smirks. "At least, that's what I'd tell you."
One of these males has Asperger Syndrome. Right now, I'm not sure it's Son1.