10 Apr 2013

Flipping fantastic, wheely great - gadgets to keep yourself going

So recently, I have found myself rather incapacitated and standing for longer than a few minutes is proving difficult.
It seems that while I was working in the sphere of one particular rare disease, another kind, EDS, that I have unknowingly had all my life, undiagnosed, was about to knock me to the ground and wipe the floor with me.
I was fortunate for a while that my husband had a gap between contracts and took over the washing, driving the kids about and doing the cooking while I spent large parts of the day asleep and generally being useless. I haven't been to the shops since November and am not likely to for the forseeable future. Thank goodness for online groceries and home delivery!
Eventually, my husband started his new job and I am now having to find ways to get about and do things like cook etc.
Being a solution-focused person, I sought out some mobility aids and this, demonstrated using Twitter Vine, is what I found. I thought I'd share them in case you or someone you know might find them useful.
First the seat flip-stick, a helping hand for standing longer.

Secondly, the saddle seat on wheels, height adjustable, so that I can do things at the counter-top and so on. Obviously, getting someone else to do it for you is preferable but not always possible.

The stool on wheels is a particular hit with the kids - now we need another to have races down the hallway...