11 Jun 2016

The Hydrafacial: an easy way to beautiful skin

When you have a chronic illness, everyday life can seem like walking head-on into a hurricane. Putting one foot in front of the other, both physically and metaphorically, can seem like you are up against an unseen but powerful opposing force that, with one unwise step, will whip you off your feet into a maelstrom with an unknown ending. It's an uncertain and exhausting existence.

That's why having nice things happen can mean far more than you might ordinarily expect. It lifts your spirits and reminds you that the sun's warmth can still reach you. You remember that you are still a woman first, not just a patient or a carer or a parent.

That's especially true when it's something as delicious as a facial. And not just any facial, but the treatment that's sought after by A-list celebrities: The Hydrafacial.

When Miss Sherina Balaratnam of the state-of-the-art S-Thetics clinic in Beaconsfield, asked me if I'd like to try out the Hydrafacial for myself, it was just the thing to help prepare me for a challenging three-day conference that was coming up. In fact, just being in the clinic, with its all-white decor and hi-tec clinical equipment, makes you feel like you're about to experience something really special as Sherina and her team make you feel so welcome and at ease.

I've been lucky enough to test several other treatments at S-Thetics, the Fire and Ice treatment, Juvéderm fillers and my absolute favourite, the EndyMed 3DEEP, none of which I would have been able to do without Sherina's generosity in exchange for an honest review. And from the description of the Hydrafacial as a six-step, personalised, pore-deep treatment, I knew my tired-feeling skin was in for a treat.

Sherina even sent me on my way with a divine bottle of Copper Mist firming mist, to keep my skin happy and hydrated.

Sherina's Copper Firming Mist gift from iS Clinic

The Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial can be tailored to match whatever needs your skin may have, and this can be analysed first with S-Thetics' Visia which analyses the state of your skin deep into the dermis. I already knew from a previous Visia that I have sun damage from being fair-skinned and the signs of ageing you would expect. Sherina selected the Hydrafacial Skin Health for Life treatment which, which detoxes, exfoliates, brightens, extracts impurities and then treats the skin with pure botanicals to rejuvenate, plump and firm.
You can buy the same serums that the Hydrafacial uses separately

The Hydrafacial uses a multi-functional wand, attached to a machine that pumps through the right serum for each stage of treatment. The wand has different heads according to the job it's doing, from exfoliating dead skin cells, to extracting deep down dirt from the pores to delivering the soothing and firming serums, hyaluronic acid and peptides to leave you looking your best.

The Hydrafacial kind of reminds me of when I first got a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I thought my carpet was clean until I used the Dyson. It sucked out deep down fine silt that other cleaners hadn't touched. The Hydrafacial is a similar premise: you might think your skin is clean, but wait until you see what clean really looks like. It means your face looks fresh, more youthful (if that's what you need) and with any skin troubles greatly improved.

Rather than just tell you about the treatment, I made a short video with everything you need to know. And I just know you'll want to try it out yourself.