5 Jun 2009

Diets by Design Website

I've just designed a website http://www.dietsbydesign.co.uk for a lady called Sue Power. Sue is an accredited dietitian, based in North Hampshire.
She can help with all sorts of dietary needs, allergies, medical conditions and especially those among us who have small ones that are picky eaters.
Sue herself lives with diabetes and coeliac disease so she knows first hand the importance of a good, suitable diet. She also has three children, the eldest of whom has issues around food so nothing you say to her will be surprising and she will work sensitively with your child to help them overcome their problems.
At the moment, she is helping my eldest son by designing a healthy eating plan. Luca tends to inhale the contents of the fridge over the summer holidays and with our two week break in Italy coming up he is in serious danger of eating his bodyweight in pasta, pizza and mortadella.
It's great that he likes food and is interested in cooking as well, but he did not understand the relationship between the amount you eat and how much energy you use up. Sue has worked with Luca to find out what he likes and doesn't like and she is working this into an easy-to-stick-to plan so that he knows by looking at his chart what his choices for snacks are without me having to buy a padlock for the refrigerator and ban any treats from the house in case he eats them while I'm not looking.
If you think you, your spouse or your child could use a healthy eating plan or need to find a way to fit your dietary requirements into a workable plan, do contact Sue at sue@dietsbydesign.co.uk