4 Jun 2009

Not As Advertised

Welcome to my new blog. I already have one blog, specialneedsjungle.co.uk where I write about topics concerning special needs education and families. I started that blog because I am, indeed, part of a family with special needs, having two sons affected by Asperger Syndrome, but I found I wanted to write off topic sometimes so here is blog No2.
You may be wondering why it's called 'Not As Advertised'. This is because it seems that everything about how I had planned my life to go is exactly that; not as advertised.
I had not planned for my career to be, not interrupted, but killed, dead in the water, by the arrival of children. I had planned to go back to work, continue working in television news, onwards and upwards.
But then, I hadn't planned to have children with special needs; well nobody does, let's face it. But in my experience, though almost certainly not everbody's, a full-on career and two children with special needs doesn't mix. At least not without shed-loads of help, most likely paid for, that I just didn't want.
Anyway, although my life changed beyond recognition, it didn't end, though I have had moments when I half-wished it had. I'll be writing about all sorts of things here, in the coming months. Thanks for stopping by. I have to go and run a bath for an insistent child just now. Ho hum.