17 Jan 2012

Beauty and Functionality - what more can a girl want?

This week I'm writing my blog on my brand new iPad. It's a truly wonderful piece of technology.
I'd been debating what to get to enable me to work while I wait in my car for my boys to come out of school. I have to get there early as parking is a bun fight and I need to park in roughly the same spot so Son2 can find me easily without becoming anxious.
So would it be an android tab or an iPad? I needed it to be compatible with Google Reader and Calendar so at first glimpse an Android tab
Might be better and cheaper. Ah, but the lure of the iPad is irresistible and after some research I discovered that there are iPad apps that can get the Google things I need.
So the, the wifi or the 3G version? I was going to go for the 3G as I need connectivity, but the nice lady in the phone shop said that as I was due a phone upgrade next month why not get the WiFi and an iPhone and just tether the two together using the unlimited Internet for my iPad.
OMG what a great idea! She lost the sale of an iPad as I scurried up to the Apple store upstairs for the WiFi version not on sale in the Phone shop, but I'll be back there next month anyway for my upgrade. And it was very nice of her to consider what was cheaper for me rather than pushing a sale.
And my new iPad? It's sleek and shiny and it does what it's supposed to do - work with responsiveness and speed.
I love you iPad. I don't care if they bring out an iPad3 in the next few months. I'll stay faithful.
My beloved Kindle however was immediately snatched by Son2 on the grounds that the iPad had a Kindle app. Oh well, mustn't be greedy.