3 Jan 2012

My romance, Sweet Seduction available in paperback

My romance novel, Sweet Seduction, a light happy read, is now available in paperback on Amazon and at other online stores (see links to your right) Here's what it's about:
Millionaire businessman, Rufus Knightly, is used to getting what he wants in life. When artisan baker Livia Rossetti turns down both his offer to finance her cake company and a chance of romance, he's determined to change her mind. Livia's lack of confidence in herself and lack of experience in love mean she's running scared from Rufus's campaign to win her round. Can she find the courage to grab his offer—and him—and convince herself it's not the recipe for disaster? If you like sweet romance...you’ll love Sweet Seduction.
I got the inspiration for Livia selling cakes at the Farmers' Market as I was then the PR for Hampshire Farmers' Markets who have some wonderful artisan bakers and cake makers - it's well worth a visit.
Livia is bruised from caring for her mother, who had Alzheimer's, for many years. She's now picking herself back up with the help of the redoubtable Lady Knightly. She's met Rufus before - the last time when she was sixteen when they shared a magical kiss under the mistletoe at the annual Christmas party at Rufus's family home, Archmont.
It's described as a modern feel-good romance and it fits the bill precisely. If you like Mills and Boon/Harlequin Cherish book, then this is for you. It's also available in ebook format for instant downloading from the sellers to your left.
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